Harmony Interfaith Cookie Cutter Set - Set of 4

$ 19.99

Spreading love is easy. A smile - the simplest form of charity - is my favorite way. But how can we, as a community, show our solidarity with people from other walks of life? We are all humans after all. 

One thing that brings people together, no matter who you are, is eating. So why not whip of some cookies, rice crispy treats, make a fruit salad with fruit cut into different shapes, or decorate a cake with these interfaith cookie cutters. The possibilities are endless and the results are sure to make someone smile.

The Harmony set is a perfect tool to:
- Start interfaith conversation at home
- Show solidary with others
- Teach tolerance to kids
- Teacher's gift
- Gift for multicultural families

Set includes 4 premium stainless steel cookie cutter set:
Christmas tree - Symbol of Christmas celebrated by Christians
Dreidel - Symbol of Hanukkah celebrated by Jews
Diya - Symbol of Diwali celebrated by Hindus
Lantern - Symbol of Eid/Ramadan celebrated by Muslims

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