Pin-Sharpening Hijab Pin Cushion Jars - Mason Jar Pin Cushions

$ 14.99

If you're like me, you've probably got a hundred (if not more) pins for your hijab. And once you get home, whoosh! - The hijab is off. But where are the pins?

In the hijab? On the table? On the counter? This place and that?

If your pins are needing a home, this is the perfect solution and the perfect Hijabi accessory.

Our pin-sharpening pin cushion jars have an area for those beautiful straight pins as well as a home for the rest of the pins.

What makes them pin-sharpening? It's the secret stuff in the fluff! There's nothing worse than a snag in your beautiful hijab or fabric caused by a dull pin. Don't let it happen to you.

Don't let it happen to your friends! These make perfect Eid gifts, Birthday gifts, Mother's Day gifts, Graduation gifts, or Just-Because gifts.

-Beautiful colored fabric
-A little grit to keep your pins sharp.
-4 oz jar to house all of your hijabi or sewing accessories

**Please note that these are handmade items. I tried to make them all the same, but I cannot guarantee the fabric cut, etc.

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